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san francisco – part 1

california | jenneng

I can’t believe it was just a week ago we were there. Jumping back into life pushed our week long vacation so far back into the past. I almost feel it’s time for another! Anyways, here’s part 1 of my trip to California. We started in San Francisco, drove down Highway 1, stopped off a […]

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stamp it

logo stamp | jenneng

I finally decided to use this as my logo and got a stamp made. I ordered it from – they are so fast with their turn around that it only took four days to receive from when I had ordered it. Now I’m going to stamp everything!

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camping 101

camping 101 | jenneng

Since we camp so much I thought this would be a fun post. Here it is – Camping 101… So are you thinking about going camping? Well, here are just a few things that you will need for trail camping. Trail camping is when you have to hike to your camp destination. If you aren’t […]

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Saugerties, NY part 2

saugerties new york | jenneng

The Saugerties Lighthouse lies right in the middle of the Hudson River. Visiting is permitted by appointment only and we didn’t know that so we just hung around the outside. We met a group of 70 year old men kayaking down the Hudson, it’s amazing because they were going against the current. I wish I […]

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Saugerties, NY Part 1

upstate new york | jenneng

We drove up to Saugerties last weekend just to get away from the city. We’ve never been before but at first glance fell in love with the little town. It’s up and coming and not as commercialized as Woodstock. We spent all weekend dreaming of living the country life as we always do when visiting […]

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welcome to jenneng studio

welcome to jenneng blog

Hello and welcome! My name is Jennifer and I’m the maker behind jenneng bags. I occasionally make other daily life accessories that are practical with a simple design in mind for our hectic lives. All of my products are hand manufactured by me in my home studio in New York City. I’ll be using this […]