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Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living | Jenneng

Southern Living | Jenneng

Jenneng has a spot feature in the new March issue of Southern Living!! They included the Dark Olive waxed canvas tote bag in the Beauty & Style article “10 New Rules of Southern Style.” It was a great surprise and honor when they approached me.

It’s so freakin cool to have one of my bags now in print and on their website!

I don’t really do much advertising at all. Honestly, I’m sort of terrible when it comes to marketing and pushing my brand out there. Maybe it’s because I’m super quiet, shy, introverted, whatever! But when it comes to the bags, I truly stand behind my products 100%. I love that my business is small enough where I can do all the fabric cutting, sewing, packaging, and shipping. And if you didn’t know, I personally own one of each design because I need to know first hand how durable they really are for everyday use!

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