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Jenneng Studio Tools

Jenneng Studio Tools

Do you ever wonder what goes into the making of a Jenneng bag? Not the design aspect (I’ll discuss that part in another post) but the actual tools that I use. I keep it pretty simple.

Jenneng Studio Workspace

The most important tool I have is my Janome sewing machine. It’s a simple heavy duty machine. It’s mechanical (like the old fashioned machines) which means it’s not computerized so I can fix it when something goes wrong.

I have two work tables; a metal drafting table with a lightbox and a large wooden farm table. The sewing machine sits on top of the vintage drafting table (my cutting mat is covering most of the glass top of the lightbox). The drafting table is my mini workspace; where I sew, cut small fabric pieces and press my rivets. It’s also where I do all my shipping and packaging, so I have my scale and label printer on there as well. The table height is perfect since I like to sew standing. Standing and sewing was weird at first but I got use to it right away. I’ve been sewing like that for two years now. The large farm table is my huge workspace. It’s 8ft long – I love it! That’s where I do all my larger fabric cutting basically anything where I need to spread out. Don’t tell anyone but it’s also our dining table :)

Jenneng Studio Tools

Everything else is small. (Counter clockwise) Rubber stamps, hang tags, mechanical pencil, eraser, rivets, revolving leather hole punch, leather hole punch, circle cutter, awl, seam gauge, leather edging tool, utility knife, bullet journal, sewing nippers, and scissors.

See, it doesn’t take a lot. I hope you enjoyed this behind the scene post.

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