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Hello 2016

Hello 2016 Happy New Year | Jenneng Studio

Hello 2016 Happy New Year | Jenneng Studio

Hello 2016! Happy New Year!!

The new year always bring on thoughts of new beginnings – a fresh start! A chance to do it better then last year. We can learn a new skill, pick up a few good habits to drop a few, and buckle down to make 2016 unbelievable! I am so ready. Let’s do this!

Ok remember back in November I posted my goal setting challenge, 16 before 2016? I was able to accomplish 12 out of my 16 goals. Not too bad! I’ve migrated the unfinished items to the new year.

What I’ve learned is that setting a deadline actually motivated me to get things done. And having Billy completing his list of goals alongside me helped push me even more – it was fun because we were very competitive about it.

It’s amazing how much you can get done in such a short amount of time! I plan to do more of these goal setting challenges throughout the year.

Hello 2016 Happy New Year | Jenneng Studio

My 2016 will consist of …

More time simply spent outdoors
Being out in nature levels me out! I love being home – I can be home all day everyday but after a while I do go a little stir crazy. Maybe go on hikes in the mountains more often. Take mini road trips to places unknown.

Scheduled studio time
That means actually set times for specific and focused work. This has been my problem – Let’s say I’m working on a huge order of pouches but I also have to write a blog post, ship a few orders and schedule my social media for next week. The problem is getting stuck in a one task rabbit hole. My instinct tells me to get that huge order of pouches completed so I don’t have to worry about it but then everything else ends up on the back burner. That’s not good for biz right? Though this is a solo biz, I need to wear those different hats through out my day and not just one!

Product launches
I’ve scheduled time through out the year to release new goods. I usually just add new items to my shop on a whim. This year, with the help of Your Best Year, I’ve planned out and created an actual schedule. Now it’s up to me to follow it!

Hands on work
Making more, repairing more and improving more. Learning a new skill like weaving.

Healthier habits & Self care
It’s so important for us to be healthy, mentally and physically! I will be making healthier choices in food, cutting down on the unnecessary snacking, drinking more water, getting more exercise, meditating and having more quality me time.

More reading
I use to be a great reader, never without a book. I don’t know why or when I slowed down or even stopped. It’s probably the fact that I’m getting older and where my time is spent seems more important. Because of these 8 reasons why reading is so important, I’ve picked it up again last year and have read more in three months then I had in the last five years.

Declutter and minimalize
Go through everything in my life, try to go through it all! Clean out and clear out everything. If it takes one item at a time, then so be it! There’s too much weight when there’s too much clutter!

How about you? What’s in store for your 2016?

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  1. These goals sound great! The only real goal I’ve set out for myself is to just do more things that I enjoy and “work” less lol! That’s one of the reasons why I started a new blog and why I’m taking a break from my jewelry. Good luck! :)

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