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Gift Guide: For Him

Gift Guide For Him | Jenneng

Gift Guide For Him | Jenneng

It’s that time of year everyone is thinking about gifts to buy and give. I’m not into the whole consumerism mumbo jumbo of getting an item just because it’s a super steal. I try to shop for necessities mindfully and minimally. That’s why I try my hardest to buy quality, locally made and second hand goods. There are a few items that remain in my life that aren’t but I’m conscious now more then ever before about mass-produced goods and it’s negative impact on our planet.

Finding everything you’d need that’s made in America is completely do-able – of course, with a bit of effort and research. If the choice came down to giving my money to a big box chain versus an independent business owner, you know my money will be to the smaller guys.

Here are some items that are useful and practical gift ideas that are all American made (except for the used books, which it’s origins are unknown):

Double Sided Wool Shirt Jacket
Handmade Bamboo Wayfarer Sunglasses
Leather Key Fob
Trio of Gorgeous Vintage Books
Ecosystem Ruled Notebook
Glenwood Twill Wool Scarf
Tanner Goods Standard Belt
XS Small Waxed Canvas Zipper Pouch

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