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Get exclusive discounts

Get Exclusive Discounts from jenneng

Get Exclusive Discounts from jenneng

By signing up to the Jenneng Newsletter you will get exclusive discounts and special offers. I know signing up for newsletters can be a hassle when you get notifications of things you don’t want. Here at Jenneng, I will only send info on things that will benefit you. I’ll send you an occasional email where you’re the first to find out about my awesome exclusive pre-sales and because you’re special – you’ll get discounts higher then I would give to the general public.

The benefits are all yours!

I don’t send emails to you when something new comes out because you follow me over on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – right?! ;) Well, if you don’t, that’s the best place to find out about the daily happenings and new goods in the shop. You will only get emails on exclusive discounts on my handmade goods.

So what are you waiting for? The holidays are creeping up and … psst … there’s a sale on the horizon ;) Don’t you want to be the first to know and get first dibs on the bag you’ve been eyeing? And remember, because you’re signed up, you’ll even get an additional discount on top of the sale prices!

If you choose to sign up or you’re already a subscriber, I want to say THANK YOU!! Your support means the world to me :)

Get to it if you’re not on it! You’ll always be the first to know when sales are happening and of course to save on handmade waxed canvas bags that will last a lifetime!

Be the first to know about sales + Get a 15% off coupon after confirming ;)

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