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Fall Inspiration: The Great Outdoors

Fall Inspiration: The Great Outdoors | Jenneng

Fall Inspiration: The Great Outdoors | Jenneng

Fall Inspiration | Jenneng Studio

Happy Fall!! Fall is my favorite time of year! It’s the best. The cool yet not so cold weather. The changing colors of the leaves. The cinnamon lattes. The cozy darkness in the night’s sky arrives earlier. It’s definitely a changing season. Personally I get a little physical and mental boost from the brisk weather.

I selected a few images that stood out from my Pinterest to share with you! I hope it will inspire you to get yourself outside before it gets really really cold and all you’d want to do is bundle up under a down blanket and drink hot cocoa :)

Photo source clockwise from top left:
1 via Tomorrows Adventures
2 via Lost in America Tumblr
3 via Fidas Fina
4 via Huckberry
5 via Piccsy

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