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A Typical Day In the Studio

a typical day in studio | jenneng studio

a typical day in studio | jenneng studio

While I’m still working a part time job, I only having a fews days in a week of studio time. It may seem like it isn’t enough, but I work as much as I can whenever I do have the time. Weekends, weeknights, you name it!

Here's my routine when it's a full studio day:

In the morning I wake up early, have coffee, do my morning routine, shower, get dressed and make the bed. Eating breakfast isn’t really my thing, though I know it’s the most important meal of the day, I just usually don’t.

Studio Work Station | Jenneng Studio

By 9AM I’m ready to work. I scan emails. Jot down new new orders. I then package the orders that I can and have them ready to go out for later in the day. If I run out of a product and can’t fill an order, I add it to my to do list for later.

Once all orders are good to go, I take out my planner and examine everything I need to do from the list I created during my morning routine along with my running list of to do’s (which is added to throughout the week as things come up). I’ll then take that list and break it down to a more specific list of what I will work on that day if it differs from the list I made in the morning. Majority of the time, when it’s a full studio day, it’s production – measuring, cutting fabric and sewing. Working in small batches is the easiest for me, so when I have outstanding orders, I work on those first. I’ll have those bags ready to go the next day and at the same time I’m building that stock pile back up. That’s why I give my customers a lead time of 3-5 days, for those just in case moments.

I usually take a break from studio work around 1-2pm. I’ll go out for a quick walk to the mailbox to drop off orders. While I’m out, I do my grocery runs if I need to, run any other errands or catch up with a friend downtown. Living in Manhattan makes getting around and jumping on the subway super convenient. I can make a trip downtown and back up pretty quick. So when I’m back at home, I’ll make a little something to eat – it’s the only way we can save our moneys!

Then it’s back to work. I’d finish any production I started earlier, create new designs, make hang tags or brand packaging, etc – basically anything that needs to get done.

Every month I have a scheduled admin and inventory day. That’s when I enter all my sales and expenses in a spread sheet. Organize receipts and other paper work that goes into running a little biz. I go through all my materials (fabric and hardware) and packaging (mailing envelopes and tape) and make note of what’s low for ordering. I’d hate to not be prepared and run out of something when it’s needed.

In The Studio | Jenneng Studio

By 5PM or 6PM I’m done. I start tidying up, put any tools and materials away. My studio space is actually our living room so I can’t have my stuff laying around. We’d go crazy here. Then I’ll go and start working on getting dinner ready. Billy gets home from his job right about this time. We eat, get everything all cleaned up, then it’s chill time. We’ll watch a movie, tv show or go out for a walk in Central Park. And that’s it for the evening!

So that’s a typical day in the studio :) You can always follow along on Instagram to see more!

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  1. I really need to have my breakfast after I come back from my walk. I always have to start the day doing my walk/jog or else I’ll just feel sluggish. My shop has been kind of quiet so I’ve just been getting ready for the holiday market season. My PT job starts at 3:00 pm so I try to wrap up any Pulp Sushi business by 1:00 so I can relax a couple of hours before I start work. My day is not nearly as structured as yours lol!

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