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Be Your Best Self with Morning Routines

Morning Routines | jenneng studio

Morning Routines | jenneng studio

We strive everyday to accomplish what we set out to accomplish but actual routines are pretty nonexistent here on my end. I don’t know about you but we just wing it. Stressed or anxiety free, we sort of just go with it day after day. We are constantly going and going, physically and mentally. It eventually takes a toll on you. Usually after every few days of that, we crash. Who wouldn’t? The problem is lack of self care on a daily basis.

We need to find a way to create balance and to get into the right state of mind to tackle the day ahead.

I’m a morning person and get the most done early on in the day. If you’re like me, a routine in the morning would be perfect. Setting aside some time for yourself, even if it’s only 30 minutes, will set you up for the day!

Here is a break down of a morning routine that I just started this month in order to be my best self. Maybe you’d be interested in something similar.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier then you would normally and start your morning off with these:

Meditate - 6 minutes
Meditation has benefits on all of these levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Here’s scientific back up on that.

Automatic Writing - 6 minutes
Set yourself down at a table with your cup of coffee and write. Anything and everything. Let your thoughts flow through your fingers to your pen. Don’t look back at what you’ve written just write it out. It’s a way to flush out any thoughts or feelings you have so they aren’t bottled up inside of you. Releasing it.

Create a To Do List - 6 minutes
After the automatic writing your mind will be free of the nonsense and you can now focus on the things that need to be done. Get it all down or go over a list you already have – but only focus on 3-5 items off that list. The rest can be reminders for another day or if you have time to spare.

Quick Exercises - 6 minutes
Get your body moving and heart rate up with a handful of mini exercises. Leg lifts, jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, jogging in place … you get the idea. Just little burst of movement so you get going.

Yoga & Stretches - 6 minutes
This will now slow it all down. Just do what you’re body feels or needs. You can follow a program if you have to. Here’s an exclusive half price offer at

Remember that you know what is best for you. Create a routine that is customized just for you. Work on it every morning so you can be ready for whatever lies ahead every single day!!

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  1. Great post! Simple, short morning rituals can make a huge difference on the entire day that follows!

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