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Adjust Action Steps Confucius Quote | jenneng

Adjust Action Steps Confucius Quote | jenneng

If you read my Monday’s post then you know I’ve was being pretty hard on myself for not getting shit done. Aren’t we all like that at one point or another? Well we can’t change what we haven’t done, we can only change the steps we make towards that goal.

here are some interesting reads from around the web …

Links For You:

The 2% Challenge
“a simple two-step approach to make these things less hellish”

If You Wouldn’t Do It for Free, Don’t Do It For Money

Ownership Isn’t Real, We Rent This Life
“We are simply temporary custodians — holders — of physical objects that we lug around.”

How to eat clean in 10 simple steps

Cultivating a habit of enough and the key to experiencing contentment
“We make choices every day about work and food, exercise and activities, shopping and scrolling and sleeping. When have we had enough? When have we done enough? When are we enough?”

Have a great weekend!

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