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Everything you can imagine is real

Everything you can imagine is real

Just a little bit of inspiration for you!

here are some interesting reads I bookmarked from around the web that I thought you’d like …

Links for you:

5 Steps to Staying on Track

This is really cool for simple organization and it’s customizable. Peg-it-all Pegboards

How to Release and Prevent Resentment in Your Relationships
“After years of denying myself the full spectrum of my emotions, I resented anyone who stirred powerful, “negative” feelings inside me. My resentment toward others was intrinsically linked to my own inability to express painful emotions.”

You can do anything but not everything
“The driving force behind that urgency is insecurity: wanting more than we have and in wanting to be more than we are. Behind that impatience is a focus on outcome, rather than process. Behind wanting to do everything at once is a lack of commitment.”

How you can outsmart your (lack of) willpower

In case you missed this, I’ve got two new pouches in the shop.

Have a great weekend!

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