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In the Studio – New Dash Pouch

Dash Zipper Pouch | jenneng

Screenprinting | jenneng

Dash Zipper Pouch | jenneng

Dash Zipper Pouch | jenneng

I’ve got a new printed dash pattern zipper pouch. These were printed in my home studio in a limited run. Right now there’s only five small and five medium with black ink on raw cotton canvas. I will probably do a few more runs in different colors. They are lined with a natural colored cotton.

I used the screen printing method with drawing fluid and screen filler (which is applied freehand with a single brush). Since this technique isn’t permanent, the screen will not last forever which means there will be a limit to how many I can reproduce before the stencil I painted on gives.

These are adorable and you can get a matching set for all your bag organizing needs. They will look great just on their own if you were to use it like a clutch.

Both sizes are in the shop so be sure to click over for all the specs and details and of course there’s only a limited amount :)

Have a great week!

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  1. did you make your own screen printer?

    1. Andi, I made my own screen by using a brush and the screen filler / drawing fluid method.

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