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Dream Homes

Dream Homes | jenneng

Dream Homes | jenneng

Just a dream of mine …

Dream Homes | jenneng

Let’s fantasize together of leaving the city and moving away to a place where it’s quiet and slow moving. Where you wake up when your body is ready to. Where you can step outside your front door and not see another soul or even a home of any kind across the way. Just trees and sky forever. You can drink a cup of coffee in your underwear while watching the morning light get brighter. You can grow your own vegetables and have a small shed with a few chickens. You can walk barefoot and feel the grass under your toes. You can go for long walks and hear the sounds of leaves rustling, birds chirping and no manmade sounds from chatter or vehicles.

Top. mr and mrs globe trot
1. JoeGreer
2. imfrompoland tumblr (original source unknown)
3. 1924
4. (original source unknown)

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  1. Adorable cottages! My favourite is the fourth one, I can imagine myself with a cup of tea and a book in that little nook next to the front door :-)

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