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Screen Printing

Screen Printing | jenneng

Screen Printing | jenneng

The one thing I wanted to experiment with again this year was screen printing. I love all methods of printmaking, though block printing and screen printing have always stood out and have been my favorite. From art school and working in art stores, I do have knowledge of both, in materials and techniques. But the most difficult thing for me (with just about anything) is just taking the first step in actually starting the process and not just thinking about it.

On Friday I decided to just dive in! I made a really simple bright yellow print on canvas and sewed it into a little pouch for myself. I didn’t do a careful drawing, scan the image and clean it up in photoshop beforehand. Instead, I went straight to the screen and started in with a paint brush.

Screen Printed Pouch | jenneng

Screen Printing | jenneng

I created the screen by painting strokes with the Speedball Screen filler, which is a block-out method – creating the negative space where the ink would not be pushed through the screen. You can read all about the different methods of screen printing over on the Speedball site.

It was exciting to try something new. There will definitely be more free hand patterns and screen printing here at jenneng.

Have you had something on your list that you’ve wanted to try and do? Well now is the time!!

Stop thinking and start doing!!

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