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Getting Organized

getting organized | jenneng

getting organized | jenneng

Right now, I’m in a decluttering frenzy and organizing craze. It’s the beginnings of a new year, so I’m setting myself up for an amazing one ;)

First I started with our home, the apartment/studio. I’m going through each bit by bit and seriously going through things and getting rid of stuff. If it’s something that’s hard to decide whether to keep on not – trash or donate? I ask yourself why I’m holding on! Usually, the reasons aren’t even good enough for me and I just toss it. But for some things, I hold onto for the next time/round I declutter. But when that time comes, if my original reasoning to keep wasn’t justified, it’ll have to go!

Last year, we played the minimalism game where you throw out one item on the 1st day of the month, two items on the 2nd day, three items on the 3rd day, and so on. We did it for a month straight, so after a month it was at least 465 items each! Because B and I both played, it was double the fun – that was 930 items trashed or donated. We couldn’t believe it! We are doing it again and started Jan 1st.

After last year’s decluttering days, there is definitely more awareness to our spending and actual purchases. So playing it again, is turning out to be way more difficult.

Second, is organizing and simplifying my life. I’m making to do lists that are concise and manageable, tracking my expenses better and actually following schedules I set out for myself.

I’ll fill you in on the details and progress!

In the meantime, I wanted to share what I found while decluttering – a small stack of film photos I took with a holga about 4 years ago.

old photos | jenneng

our living room

old photos | jenneng
B up on a hill next to the blockhouse in central park

tabatha | jenneng
tabatha, she passed away 2/22/14

old photos | jenneng
i still have that bag

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