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the living room


the Living Room | jenneng

We finally decided to not be selfish and to move the four cowboy and indian prints to the living room over the weekend. You know, so others can see them too! Can’t keep all the good stuff hidden. Billy had these watercolor prints when he was a little kid. His mom sent them to us six years ago and we’ve had them hanging in our bedroom ever since.

It just adds the right amount of color to brighten up the wood/brown tones in our living space. There’s a lot of brown when you have an 8ft farm table and wood floors. It definitely adds height making the space taller and more filled. I don’t know why we haven’t hung anything up in the living room, we do every where else in the apartment.

Oh by the way, my studio work space is in the living room to the right of what you see. And if you’re interested, here’s when I brought up those theater chairs Billy bought two years ago for only $60. The side table and lamp was bought second hand from a friend for $10 each about 5 years ago. That was a long time ago!!

Have a great Wednesday!

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