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Opening weekend at Hester Street Fair


Hester Street Fair | jenneng

It’s been over a week since the opening weekend at Hester Street Fair and I though it was time for a recap. I’ll just jump right in and say it was an amazing opening weekend! There was fun music, great vendors and the crowd just kept pouring in. They did a great job promoting and everyone had a blast!

Hester Street Fair has their promo photos up on their site already if you want to see more.

hester st fair | jenneng

hester st fair | jenneng

hester st fair | jenneng

The above three are shots I took. That’s Tamara, from Tamara Garvey Illustrations, and I sharing a space. We’ll be booth mates for 24 more days through out their market season. Here are our dates for May and June.

hester dates

Selling in person is great. You get to chat with the buyer and see their expressions when they first see or touch the products you’ve made. It’s a great experience! If you’ve ever wanted to sell at a fair, you should totally go for it!

Here’s a recap of the setup and travel: I started out thinking that fitting two 6′ tables under an 8′ by 8′ tent would be way too tight to allow customers to easily browse. I’ve mentioned previously that I was working on this whole hanging system – to do away with one table and just have one table for Tamara. But a few days before the show I changed my mind. OOPs! I realized it was going to be too hard for the customers looking and touching my goods in the hanging rack I made (it would have been swaying). Too difficult!! Handling things on a flat surface is way more familiar! Which equals shopper friendly! So I just opted for the cards to hang on display. The photo with the two tables is from our first day. Kinda squished right? Well it turned out better the second day. We’ll probably get the gang of it somewhere half way through the season :)

We live in the city and we don’t own a car – we usually get around by foot, subway or bus. Now you’re asking how the heck did I get my stuff to this fair without a car? Yeah! Crazy right? It’s actually not so bad. I pack all my goods into a suitcase with wheels, a very large tote bag (which I made) and a backpack. That’s why I prefer the markets that offer table and chair rentals. The only hard part with traveling by subway is going up and down the stairs, sometimes up and down … again and again. It’s like a major workout for my little biceps ;)

If you sell at markets, I'd love to know how you do it! Have any tricks?

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