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lovely finds: simple storage

Simple Storage | jenneng

Simple Storage | jenneng

If you live in an apartment like me, you know how storage can be an issue. It always goes like this – not enough closet space to hide your stash and you can’t have large storage furniture because then that makes the space feel even smaller.

Remember that time I got rid of my couch?!?! A LOT has changed since then, we even gave that dresser in the last photo to a neighbor.

We haven’t really purchased anything for the apartment in a long time. We’ve gotten really lucky (well, Billy has!) in the past and have found really great solid pieces that will last a lifetime! He’s found a hoosier cabinet, an 8ft solid oak table (ok that was my find), an all metal worktable with a light box built in, and theater chairs. These are antiques and now they are our treasures. So how in the world do I fit all that in a small NYC apartment?!?! We’ve made it work :) We will make any well built – old school furniture FIT!

Back to simple storage!

Wire baskets and wooden boxes are just simple solutions and they give that rustic or vintage look that I so much adore! I usually prefer the old but sometimes you find a new item that really does a good job pretending to look old :) They can either be stacked (alone or on top of existing furniture) or hung on the walls. It makes everything easily assessable. There’s one down fall – Dust! You have to be on top of your dusting when it comes to open storage! I have to schedule that in once a week ;)

Above are just some lovely finds from Anthroplogie. The stoneware pencil cup is super cute. I like to have my pens out so I can grab one easily.

How about you? What do you use to keep your storage simple?

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