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Hester Street Fair


Hester Street Fair | jenneng

Hey friends, just some shop news today. I’ll be here for most of the Spring and Summer market season selling at Hester Street Fair. I’m sharing a tent with my friend Tamara Garvey. She’ll be selling her whimsical art and illustrations. This coming weekend, April 26th and 27th, will be their opening weekend so it’ll probably be a party :)

We will be selling at the fair for 26 days (not straight through) that’s 26 Saturdays and/or Sundays until October.

I’ve sold with them a few times last year and they’re a great group to work with. Tamara and I decided to work with them together this year so we could split all the costs and the plus – we’d have a buddy to hang out with all day!

It’s a pretty sweet spot! It’s an outdoor venue so we’ll be under a tent but surrounded by trees. I thought having two tables in the small space would be a bit too crowded so that’s why I’ve been working on a new hanging display. Plus it’ll lessen my load for traveling – I won’t need to bring any props. Oh! and I’ll save on the table rental fee because I won’t need one. We’ll see how it goes. It might not pan out like I imagined but the good news is that there are tables to rent, just in case ;)

I can’t share that with you just yet because it’s hard to have the new system all set up and get good photos – I’ll show you next week after the fair and fill you in on how it went ;)

Where will you be selling this season? Have you ever shared a space? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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