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6 useful tools to stay organized

tools to stay Organized | jenneng

6 Useful Tools to Stay Organized | jenneng

With our technology these days there seems to be a new app coming out all the time. Some go through phases of popularity and some just fade away because a newer app comes out with more advanced features then the old ones are replaced. Well, I'm totally down with trying a FREE tool! So, here are a few apps that I’ve found that are absolutely free and I use them on a daily bases. I’m sure you have your favorites! There are many many more out there but these are my favorites! Okay, here they are …

6 useful tools to stay organized

It’s basically for bookmarking. If you’re browsing the internet, reading a blog post … whatever you would want to save for later, you just add it to Pocket. The best part is that you can read everything you’ve added offline! No need to download the article like those podcasts. It’s all there and ready for you, whenever you are. You can have pocket on multiple devices and they all sync so you always have your unread articles readily available.

It’s a feed reader. Remember Google Reader? Well this is the reader I chose after Google’s went away and I love it. It’s easy to manage and visually pleasing. It’s a great way to organize your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts and Youtube channels and access them all in one place. Feedly is available everywhere you go. Your phone, tablet and computer are always in sync. You can also add and save articles to Pocket directly from Feedly which is really convenient :)

Is an awesome way to track your time. If you’re a freelancer or independent maker and your time is chargeable, this is a really great tool. It’s easy to use. You can have many different projects going at once. It also syncs on multiple devices. It also comes in handy when you want to see in general where you need to focus more time, so to do that you’ll have to track everything! The results are scary but enlightening.

I think this is a really popular one even though I just started using this one about a week or so ago. I’m not familiar with everything yet. I’ve been saving my paper receipts and handwritten notes through this app. It allows for labeling and tagging, which is why I started using this program. It’ll be great for later when I’m trying to find something – it makes all your paperwork searchable if you use it right! It’s not so pretty and there’s a lot of stuff going on visually but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

TRANSFORM your life
It’s 365 days of inspirational quotes, encouragement, and daily assignments supporting awareness practice. Each day you will find a quote and then an assignment or question that will prompt self-examination to fend off destructive thoughts and find inner certainty. This is really for maintaining our sanity so that we can be organized ;)

This app comes in handy if you have a bunch of retail reward and loyalty cards. It’s so simple to use. All you have to do is scan the physical card and that’s it! So now I don’t fumble around in my wallet for the actual card, I just scroll through the list on my phone through this app.

Oh by the way, I use all these on an iPhone and iOS – but I know they’re available on other platforms as well.

What are some of your favorite (can't live without) apps/tools? I'm always on the look out for something handy!

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