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cauliflower pizza dough

cauliflower pizza

cauliflower pizza dough | jenneng

When my sister sent me this recipe – I was like NO freakin way!

Cauliflower pizza dough?

You have to try this!! It is so delicious!

I followed the cauliflower base recipe exactly because it was so foreign to me. While I was mixing everything by hand I thought something was wrong. Did I miss something? Why wasn’t it sticking together like the photos on that website? Mine was just a pile of mush!!

I quickly called my sister and she said yeah it’s suppose to be like that, don’t worry. Phew! I didn’t screw it up … yet!

Here’s why I thought it was headed towards the trash, the instructions said “Use your hands to pull the dry ingredients towards the middle until everything is combined and you can shape it into a ball. It should be more loose and sticky than a traditional pizza dough.” So I’m thinking pizza dough – the mixture could not come together and shape into a ball! It was a bowl of mush. Porridge/oatmeal like. It’s NOTHING like traditional pizza dough. NOTHING!

Thanks to my sister’s first trial run she was able to give me tips. I pre-baked it 10-15 minutes longer then the recipe called for because we like our pizzas crispy. After the dough, everything else was a free for all.

cauliflower pizza dough | jenneng

Here’s what I used instead: red and green pepper, small yellow onion, spinach, fresh mozzarella cheese and sprinkled a little chopped green onion. Here’s another tip – I baked a little more then half of the veggies (minus the spinach) separately because I didn’t want it to make my pizza soggy – when baking, all the veggie juices tend to flow out. But you can do whatever you want!! GO CRAZY!! For the tomato sauce, I just bought a small can of organic sauce and it was more then enough.

The final result was SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Billy said it was the best pizza he ever had! WIN!! ;)

I hope you do try it and let me know if you do! It was very easy and amazingly delicious!

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