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what makes you happy?

what makes you happy? | jenneng

what makes you happy | jenneng

I’ve been hung up on this question lately!

What makes you happy?

Maybe because of the extreme winter we’re having. The fact that I’ve been cooped up indoors for so long. I hear it all over the internet. Friends are telling me how sad they are and how they aren’t feeling so hot about themselves. boo hoo right? I should just tell them about how feelings aren’t facts.

It all boils down to us not taking good care of ourselves. Sometimes I feel like I’m not living up to my own standards of living. I definitely don’t make enough time for fun! That’s when it all starts to go down hill.

We have to do things that make us feel good!

We have to step out of our comfort zone and try new things.

And that even goes for when we’re alone (especially when we’re alone). That’s when we’re most vulnerable. There’s no one else there as your back up. There’s no one else there influencing you towards something.

I’m starting to understand that we all have different forms of fun and ideas of happy. I’m starting to be okay with just being me, doing what I like and simply figuring it out. I will totally try something new. But I wish that some people around me would understand and accept ME … maybe for me watching two dudes fighting in a ring just isn’t fun!

Are you taking care of yourself today? Are you having fun today?

Share something you will do for yourself for FUN!

{photo was taken in San Francisco, CA}

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