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tote bags for spring

water repellent canvas tote | jenneng

jenneng tote bag

jenneng tote bag

jenneng tote bags

Are you ready for Spring or what?

I know I am. I’ve been dreaming of warmer days and blooming flowers. But in the meantime it is still winter and theres a bit more left to it! So we just have the make the best of it. Do what we can and just enjoy it for what it is!

I've got two new tote bags in the shop. They’re both made of the same water repellent canvas I mentioned for these matching zip pouches. I’m extremely casual everywhere I go so tote bags are my favorite go to bags.

I’m working with some new leather. The straps have a reddish / burgundy tint to them. I love them because they feel a bit softer and more flexible then the previous straps I’ve used. Don’t worry they’re still the same thickness! I don’t like thin straps, especially for bags. They need to feel durable and strong in my hands. I may still use the stiffer ones for the waxed canvas (the overall ruggedness just goes so well together) … we’ll see.

I’m also trying to improve my product photography. They always need work. I mainly work off my dinner table which is by the windows. So lighting can be a challenge in my apartment. AND yes I know I should include some lifestyle shots (I think I’ve been saying that forever).

jenneng workspace

That’s a pile of unfinished totes partially sewn.

jenneng workspace

See that’s one end of our 8ft farm table. We usually eat at one end and work off the other. Here’s a fun tid bit – I don’t have an ironing board. Haven’t owned one in my life. What I’m using now is what you see there, a piece of oak and some folded scrap fabric. I always say that I want an ironing board when I’m at the store staring at them. But the longer I look, I start thinking why do I need one? When I’ve been ok without one. That usually happens with a whole lot of other things. It’s a great thing to happen because my goal is to lessen my material consumption.

Winter is the best time for me to catch up on things at home (cleaning out old stuff) and of course to make new goods for my shop. I mean when it’s warm – who wants to be inside right?

What are some good things about winter for you?