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a minimalism game

a minimalism game

a minimalism game | jenneng

Let’s play a minimalism game!

This game is a month long challenge created by The Minimalists. Here’s the gist of how it works. Find a friend or family member. Someone who’s willing to get rid of some of their excess stuff. Each of you must get rid of one thing on the first day of the month. Two things on the second day. Three things on the third day. Until the end of the month. Anything can go! Donate, sell, or trash.

Billy and I are playing the game. It’s been going great for us so far. I’ve been going through little areas in our apartment and cleaning it out. I end up with a lot more then what is called for each day but I don’t care. I don’t need it so I’m not saving it! It’s actually teaching me to maintain my home and my belongings.

EVERYTHING needs Maintenance.

Our website, our cars, our body, our plants, so why not our possessions?

Are you ready to play the game? Just jump in and start!
Are you ready to relieve some of that anxiety and clutter from your life?


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