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gift ideas for her

Gift Guide for Her | jenneng

gift guide for her | jenneng

Are you getting ready for the holidays yet? I joked around and mentioned maybe we should go ahead and put our tree up now. That motion was denied!! Ok here’s a bit of truth, so we started to use a fake tree 3 years ago (I know it seems a little sad) because it was even more sad to buy a cut tree and have it tossed after the holidays. I know it’s tradition, I know they’re farmed for this purpose and I know about all their uses after they’ve been discarded but we still won’t do it anymore. Sometimes traditions should evolve like we do.

Well, here are just a few things that crossed my path while internet shopping, in case you’re in need of ideas. I on the other hand will be celebrating the holidays in a minimal way, if that’s even really possible?!?!

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