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yay for fridays


friday | jennifer eng

Something I mentioned twice yesterday, in two different conversations with two different people, that I thought I’d share here – Life is short! You can’t waist your time over bullshit. So that’s everything that isn’t directly related to you personally – pining over things that you think you “need” and those that you envy. Why am I like this or why can’t I have that … it’s all bullshit. Complete uselessness. You need to focus on feeling great about yourself! with where you are in your life and what you have now.

These words aren’t just for the ones I spoke to yesterday. They are for me, for you and anyone else that needs them because sometimes we just need a reminder (especially me): What are you doing to make You a better person? Are you doing things that make You happy?

It’s Friday so let’s enjoy the weekend! August is practically over. So come back next week for my goodbye August post ;)

Have a great weekend! I’ll leave you with some interesting links:
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