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in the studio | jenneng

jenneng studio | jennifer eng

I’ve been working like a maniac the last few days. Are you a zip pouch user yourself? I carry at least 3 different zip pouches at all times and I can’t stop making them. Here are some in progress shots.

So here’s a bit of truth – I can’t stand to pin things, I’m always poking myself, it’s a bit tedious and it’s time consuming. I’ve managed to get away most of the time with the little black binder clips. They’re easier to maneuver but sometimes pins are called for and then you’ll hear me yelling “ouch” like a million times.

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I woke up to this this morning. Caught! I was doing what I pledged I wouldn’t do any more which was sitting in front of my computer before I did what I truly wanted to do today. I was getting a whole bunch of email notifications and was like “what the hell is going on”. So I went through my emails and found this newsletter from storenvy. I was their shop of the week. Wow! I am honored! I just opened up shop too! It’s so so cool when something like this happens. It’s positive feedback from the outside world (which I haven’t seen enough of lately) that your efforts are being acknowledged! OK now – Gotta keep working ;)