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Life Changes

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If you didn’t know, i worked for a national art supply retailer as a store manager and I gave my notice on July 17, so my last day at my full time job was August 3. I was with the company for 16 years and worked with some great people, some are still there and many have left or was let go. The company was sold to another art supply company back in April. I just didn’t like where it was headed and how they handled things. It’s disheartening to see a company you grew up with and worked so hard for crumble.

I’ve felt it in my heart for a very long time and decided that I will take the road unknown by focusing my time on working with my hands, making and enjoying life! I’ve worked so hard for someone else and if I just turned it around, focused and worked as hard on my own craft, then there’s no way to fail. I don’t fear the future and what will come of it because its now that’s important. The steps we take now will lead us to the future we want, it may take longer and be harder, but that’s life! – learning, creating and sharing. And through our struggles we will live a more meaningful existence.

I hope to document my journey here :)

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