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my weekend

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We had a day of adventure uptown in NYC at Fort Tryon Park and Inwood Hill Park. A lot of walking, climbing down hills and venturing off unpaved paths right along the Hudson River.

Fort Tryon was pretty with all the gardens and blooming trees. We made a quick walk through the Cloisters, which was amazing.

Inwood Hill Park was more woodsy and so big that you can get lost. Our main reason for going there were to see the prehistoric caves mentioned online but found only one where we stumbled upon a homeless man whom was living in it. He said he was born here in the city but has been living with nature for 50 years. You’ll never know who you’ll meet or what you can learn if you don’t explore your surroundings.

We are always keeping an eye out for inexpensive local adventures. So if you have any suggestions let me know :) I hope you had a fun filled weekend!