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some rearranging

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You might have caught this but I hinted at this in my goodbye month post. I rearranged the entire living room because I was just sick of it being the same for so long. Everything is in a new place. We made a huge decision and tossed our $400 Ikea Sofa in the trash. It was hard to do since it was one of the first most expensive things we bought together. We had it for four years – the cushions had lost their firmness, it was completely cat scratched, threads hanging off, stained with cat puke and full of cat dander. The thought of donation crossed our minds but it was just impossible. It was filthy and I’m so glad that it’s gone. We are now using theater chairs that Billy had bought a while ago for just $60. It took me an entire day to do it all but it felt really good to go through everything, to clean and dust.

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