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camping 101

camping 101 | jenneng

Since we camp so much I thought this would be a fun post.

Here it is – Camping 101… So are you thinking about going camping?

Well, here are just a few things that you will need for trail camping. Trail camping is when you have to hike to your camp destination. If you aren’t camping out of your car (which is what Billy and I did for four years) you will want to go as minimal as possible. We were practically luxury camping for those years! The back seat and the trunk area of our SUV would be packed. We had regular sized pillows, huge Coleman sleeping bags and the largest cooler possible for our “food” – because Billy and I ate like beasts, yup – hot dogs & hamburgers, oh and you can’t forget about all the condiments that go along with it.

Rule of thumb … before you buy the things you need, think about what you would want to carry, because remember – all of this will need to fit into your backpacks.

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Just a little side note, REI is super awesome. If you join as a member, which is free, you get money back once a year, participate in member only sales and everything you buy has a lifetime warranty … that’s right, everything!!! And I wasn’t paid to say that :)

Do you have any tips for camping? Know of any cool places we should see?