the living room

the Living Room | jenneng

We finally decided to not be selfish and to move the four cowboy and indian prints to the living room over the weekend. You know, so others can see them too! Can’t keep all the good stuff hidden. Billy had these watercolor prints when he was a little kid. His mom sent them to us six years ago and we’ve had them hanging in our bedroom ever since.

It just adds the right amount of color to brighten up the wood/brown tones in our living space. There’s a lot of brown when you have an 8ft farm table and wood floors. It definitely adds height making the space taller and more filled. I don’t know why we haven’t hung anything up in the living room, we do every where else in the apartment.

Oh by the way, my studio work space is in the living room to the right of what you see. And if you’re interested, here’s when I brought up those theater chairs Billy bought two years ago for only $60. The side table and lamp was bought second hand from a friend for $10 each about 5 years ago. That was a long time ago!!

Have a great Wednesday!

monthly goodbye – September

Monthly Goodbye September | jenneng

September! Where did you go?!?! The months are really flying by and I’ve been thinking … I’m going to put a pause on my Monthly Goodbye posts. There are things I need refocusing on, for one, this space! I’ll admit it’s been a mishmash of some personal, some business and some finds. Need to keep within my own model, keeping it simple.

It's time for a change! Let's see what October brings ;)

These monthly goodbye posts are a way for me to review my months by taking note on my accomplishments or failed attempts (so that I can try again) and remembering the good times because sometimes the little things are so easily forgotten.

*all images taken within the month with an iPhone. Follow @jennengstudio on instagram.

betsy & iya

More exciting news! There’s another shop where you can find my bags! betsy & iya in Portland, OR now have a collection of my bags. The brand actually started off just making jewelry but now, they are so much more. Their brick and mortar shop is filled with items made by independent makers from all over! It truly makes me all warm inside to know my goods are in such great company.

betsy & iya | jenneng

Here’s a post on their blog introducing some of their new additions including goods from Curator and Sydney Hale Candle Co.

betsy & iya | jenneng

betsy & iya | jenneng
The shop is so cute. If you’re lucky enough to be in that area, check them out! I wish I was closer to visit!! You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :)

betsy & iya | jenneng

kindred post

Hey friends. So I’ve got some amazing news! You can now find a small collection of my bags at Kindred Post. It’s such a great concept! It’s a post office, gift shop, and gathering space located in the heart of downtown Juneau, Alaska. That’s right people. Alaska!! The gift shop showcases quality, modern goods from independent artists, designers, and makers. I’m so excited to be apart of their collection!

kindred post | jenneng

Kindred Post | jenneng

Kindred Post | jenneng

Kindred Post | jenneng

It still amazes me that my bags are made here in my little apartment and sent to be used in far away lands :) It’s like sending a piece of me to the other side of the country! So be sure to check them out and follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

maker series – Tamara Garvey

maker series tamara garvey | jenneng

I’m so lucky to be virtually surrounded by such inspirational and talented individuals, that I want to share a bit about them with you!! I’m not going to dig deep into their personal lives or reveal secrets to their craft, but I will definitely keep it simple! :)

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Tamara Garvey. She’s an illustrator making whimsical art and market buddy. We’ve been sharing a space at the Hester Street Fair this market season. So here’s a little bit about Tamara.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what Tamara Garvey Illustration is all about?

I moved to Brooklyn 4 years ago from Savannah, Georgia, where I had gotten an Illustration degree from SCAD. I built up my Etsy shop and business slowly over a few years, on nights and weekends around my day job. Now I have a shop full of prints, cards, journals, and iPhones, all made from my whimsical pen-and-ink and acrylic illustrations.

Do you work on Tamara Garvey Illustration full-time / part-time? What did you do prior to / alongside Tamara Garvey Illustration?

A little over a year ago I was able to quit my full-time office job, which was thrilling! Now I work on my illustration business full-time, except for a once or twice a week part-time job…where I sell jewelry for a friend who is also running her own small business. I do lots and lots of little projects — I sell from my Etsy shop, in crafts markets, in Central Park, and to boutiques and pop-up shops. What I really want to do, going forward, is to branch out more into wholesale and licensing.

maker series tamara garvey | jenneng

maker series tamara garvey | jenneng

How do you stay motivated to create and run Tamara Garvey Illustration all by yourself?

I really, really love running my own business. I just think it is all so fascinating! I love every day being different, and being able to make all of the decisions, and being able to take my business in any direction I choose. It can be very overwhelming, because there is an infinite number of tasks or research to do, and I have a hard time shutting off. Also, there are a lot of ups and downs — much more so than when I used to work in a regular job. When I start to feel anxious or am in a low point, I remind myself that I’ve had these feelings before and that things have always turned around…I basically just force myself to relax and have hope!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Daydreams, feelings, looking way up or down while I walk, songs, movies, reading, and Pinterest. :)

While running your own independent business can be all consuming, what do you do in order to take care of YOU?

Taking long walks, nights of wine and food with friends, karaoke, reading in a park or by a river, Zumba, tidying up my apartment and throwing old things away, and browsing Tumblrs of ridiculous gifs.

maker series tamara garvey | jenneng

Top Sellers:

Wild Birds print / Nutella print / Personalized Yellow Birdie print / Squid Moleskine journal

Get to know Tamara even more:

Facebook / Pinterest / Instagram

Something special for you:

Get a free note card of your choice, with every $10 spent on an Etsy purchase. Just mention in the notes at checkout that you spotted her here on the jenneng studio blog ;)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Maker Series! Please share the handmade love in any way you can ;)

*All images via Tamara Garvey. If you are interested in being featured or know of a maker that would be a great fit, please email me at hello[at]jenneng[dot]com.

weekly wishes #23 | september goals

Weekly Wishes | jenneng

Weekly Wishes

… is where I make note of my goals and challenges I want to accomplish and achieve ;)

Happy Labor Day!! Most of you are probably off galavanting since it’s a holiday but yes, I’m here working. Seems like I try to get stuff done any time I have actual time off. How about you? Are you like that too?

Write one page everyday. Wrote a lot but not daily.
Exercise. Didn’t do any yoga like I wanted but I did go on bike rides, 92 block walks and mountain hikes.
Draw and Doodle. Nope
Cut Back on TV. Nope. Got hooked on House of Cards and finished all three seasons.
Read More. Squeezed it in on most train rides.
Cut Back on Unhealthy Snacking. WIN! Did really well on this one!


1. Exercise. Definitely want to continue the momentum. The weather is getting cooler so it’ll be much easier.
2. Read More. Even if it’s only on the train ride. Anyone have a must read title I should look into?
3. My Shop stuff. Shipping supplies and Holiday inventory prep. Holy shit that time is approaching :/
4. Draw and Doodle. why is this so hard for me sometimes? Just gotta do it!!
5. Cook More. Find simple and healthy recipes and make it come to life! Yay to yummy foods!

What are your goals & wishes? Linking up with The Nectar Collective.

I hope you have an amazingly productive month! If I’m good, I’ll have a follow up on these next month ;)

monthly goodbye – August

monthly goodbye | jenneng

Another month blows by like it was nothing! I worked. I played. I ate good food! Isn’t that what life is all about? We have a new addition to the family. Heidi is getting more and more comfortable as the days go by. She’s still a little too playful for Maia’s taste but they are getting along. Our potted tomato plant finally had some ripe ones to pick, they were little but yummy!! Learning as we go and next season we will try to do the same.

I got myself a motorcycle helmet and went on my first ride. It was fun! Scary at first, but pretty amazing! When the time is right, we’ll be going on little adventures.

What else? Work has been busy! My largest wholesale order is almost complete and will be shipped out this coming week (more on that later). We finally managed a day trip upstate to Cold Springs (also, more on that later).

Summer is almost over when Labor Day is here, so let’s all enjoy the little bit we have left and simply live life :)

Hello September! :)

These monthly goodbye posts are a way for me to review my months by taking note on my accomplishments or failed attempts (so that I can try again) and remembering the good times because the little things are so easily forgotten.

*all images taken within the month with an iPhone. Follow @jennengstudio on instagram.

Back To School

Back to School Supplies | jenneng

Back to School

It’s almost that time of year again. The first day of school is just around the corner. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in school but I’m a huge fan of office supplies!! I’ll take a clean brand spankin’ new notebook any day.

I remember being nervous of things to come but also feeling excitement for a fresh start, with new clothes and new supplies and of course, reuniting with old friends and making new ones!

Above are just a few basic necessities for that student in you ;)
(left top to bottom, then right top to bottom)
Tote / Folders / Zipper pouches / Pencils / Notebooks / Post it pads

links for you

links for you | jenneng

Yes! It’s Friday and I’ve got the whole weekend free. No obligations! No responsibilities! It’s been a very long time since so it’s finally time to live the summer life :) But before you unplug for the weekend …

… here are some links for you!

How Etsy Changed the Rules and What It Means for Indie Designers
“The difference between Etsy, and let’s say, Wal-Mart just got a whole lot smaller. At the core, Etsy changed its mission. No longer is it a website for makers of one-of-a-kind, original goods. Instead, it has become yet another website for the mass-produced and cheaply made goods that satisfy our insatiable culture of mindless consumption.”

Hate Your Job? You Should Read This…

Wild Measures: The Peach Truck I loved this couple’s story on how they started their business!

Top 10 Myths About Introverts That Simply Aren’t True Being an introvert myself, I thought these were pretty accurate.

some fun diy projects!
Printable Tracing Paper Candy Wraps
Colorful headboards

Oh and let’s not forget these: Meet Heidi and Why I removed affiliate ads from the sidebar

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you back here next week! Remember to keep it simple!