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monthly goodbye – march

I haven’t written a monthly goodbye post since September and I truly missed them! I will be bringing this series back :) It’s a bit more personal but hey I don’t mind sharing. If you’re new here, you can find out what they’re all about below and you can read past posts by following the … READ MORE >>

Linen Cotton Blend Tote | jenneng

Discontinued Item

Hello! While I was cleaning out the studio space and organizing all of my inventory I found one last Linen Cotton Blend tote under my piles. I though I sold the last one last month but here’s one more! Originally it was listed for $80 and now it’s on SALE for $45. That’s right friends … READ MORE >>

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Life Lately …

Life Lately … I celebrated my birthday and chinese new year. Spent time with family. Too many snowy and frigid days. Still doodling patterns. Filed my shop taxes. Finished knitting myself another circular scarf. Ready for Spring!! This weekend was quiet and spent mostly indoors catching up on home life like laundry, cleaning and spending … READ MORE >>

mending Jeans | jenneng

Mending Old Jeans

If you’re like me, you have a pair of jeans that are old, worn-out but comfortable as hell and you just can’t throw them out. I have a pair that I’ve had for 5-6 years that I can’t seem to get rid of. When I find a favorite pair, I can wear them almost everyday! … READ MORE >>

Winter's Gloom | jenneng

Winter’s Gloom

Winter can be down right depressing! Sometimes, I get sucked right into the dark glooms of it all, emotionally and physically, especially when it’s grey and cold for days. Though, I do love a great big snow storm, the greyness can go on for what feels like eternity. I know it doesn’t last forever, so … READ MORE >>

cozy crochet slippers | jenneng

Cozy Crochet Slippers

Winter has always been my inspiration to knit and crochet. Usually I’ll start a project and before it’s complete, spring arrives. Note to self – start in the fall so there’s more time to actually use the completed item. Usually it’s a new scarf, but this time, I decided I wanted to crochet these cute … READ MORE >>

Screen Printing | jenneng

Screen Printing

The one thing I wanted to experiment with again this year was screen printing. I love all methods of printmaking, though block printing and screen printing have always stood out and have been my favorite. From art school and working in art stores, I do have knowledge of both, in materials and techniques. But the … READ MORE >>

getting organized | jenneng

Getting Organized

Right now, I’m in a decluttering frenzy and organizing craze. It’s the beginnings of a new year, so I’m setting myself up for an amazing one ;) First I started with our home, the apartment/studio. I’m going through each bit by bit and seriously going through things and getting rid of stuff. If it’s something … READ MORE >>

caring for waxed canvas | jenneng

Caring for Waxed Canvas

Caring for waxed canvas! I’ve written about this before, but it’s always a good reminder – especially with all the new jenneng bag owners out there from the holidays. This info pertains to most products made out of waxed canvas, not only jenneng bags. Characteristics of Waxed Canvas: The unique wax formula is applied to … READ MORE >>

Life Bits | Jenneng

Life Bits

Just a few bits from our recent holiday road trip. It was really quick and short. We just needed to get away. So, with no destination in mind, we drove south and made many stops along the way. At West Virginia, we decided to head back. Snapping photos wasn’t as important as spending time with … READ MORE >>