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By signing up to the Jenneng Newsletter you will get exclusive discounts and special offers. I know signing up for newsletters can be a hassle when you get notifications of things you don’t want. Here at Jenneng, I will only send info on things that will benefit you. I’ll send you an occasional email where … READ MORE >>

my favorite free apps | jenneng studio

My Favorite Free Apps

Last year I shared 6 useful tools to say organized. Well, times have changed. Some of those tools remain and others have phased out. Now I’d like to share with you my favorite free apps (not including my social media ones like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). Onenote This is Microsoft’s version of digital note-taking (like … READ MORE >>

you create a good future by creating a good present | jenneng studio

Inspirational Quote No.1

It’s the last day of the month. With every month I will end with an inspirational quote. Have a wonderful day!

Extra Small Waxed Canvas Zip Pouch | Jenneng

Waxed Canvas Zipper Pouches

These waxed canvas zipper pouches are now in the shop! They’re all handmade from two great new canvas colors – dark olive and sage. I love how natural and earthy these colors are. In the shop – the XS coin pouch and the small pencil pouch. Waxed canvas is a great every day adventure fabric. … READ MORE >>

Fall Inspiration: The Great Outdoors | Jenneng

Fall Inspiration: The Great Outdoors

Happy Fall!! Fall is my favorite time of year! It’s the best. The cool yet not so cold weather. The changing colors of the leaves. The cinnamon lattes. The cozy darkness in the night’s sky arrives earlier. It’s definitely a changing season. Personally I get a little physical and mental boost from the brisk weather. … READ MORE >>

Simple Changes to Save Money | Jenneng Studio

Simple Changes to Save Money

I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. The typical hourly rate just doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone I know is hustling to make it or just on stand by for something better to come along. We’re always day dreaming of moving out and trading this city life in for country … READ MORE >>

a typical day in studio | jenneng studio

A Typical Day In the Studio

While I’m still working a part time job, I only having a fews days in a week of studio time. It may seem like it isn’t enough, but I work as much as I can whenever I do have the time. Weekends, weeknights, you name it! Here’s my routine when it’s a full studio day: … READ MORE >>

Mid Summer Sale 2015 | jenneng studio

Mid Summer Sale – In the Studio

Yes you read right! That’s 20% off everything!! The sale begins today thru Aug 18th. Use code MIDSUMMER when checking out. Since this is such a small biz, I usually don’t have many sales but this summer has been amazing so I thought – hey why not?! I hope your summer has been great too! … READ MORE >>

Morning Routines | jenneng studio

Be Your Best Self with Morning Routines

We strive everyday to accomplish what we set out to accomplish but actual routines are pretty nonexistent here on my end. I don’t know about you but we just wing it. Stressed or anxiety free, we sort of just go with it day after day. We are constantly going and going, physically and mentally. It … READ MORE >>

Morning Coffee Chat | Jenneng Studio

Morning Coffee Chat

I’ve been up for about 30 minutes now, cats have been fed, Billy’s still asleep and my coffee is sitting right next to me here as I write this. I’ve been thinking a lot about this space – the blog, the shop, the website as a whole, my products, what I want to share, how … READ MORE >>