Inspiration: Make more

inspiration wood carving - jenneng

This year I hope to make more with my hands, try out new ideas and experiment with other materials and crafts. I realized that I need some other outlet or form of creativity other then designing and sewing canvas bags. It’s so easy to get burned out when I just work on the one thing – my bag making.

I have so many ideas of the things I want to make. I’ve got a list going. They’re mostly for personal use and, of course, for our home. They’re all things I can do on a smaller scale since I live in an apartment. The amount of space and lack of tools always push the larger projects to the back burner. I hope to work with what I have and spend as little money as possible. Most of the items on my list consist of wood work, knitting, weaving or sewing. Honestly, what better way to satisfy my need to make than to make it all myself, right? That’s how things were done many moons ago, and we should all try our hardest to do the same.⠀

inspiration wood carving - jenneng

The first item on my list was a little woodcarving project. I wanted a little tray with wells to hold my rivets and leather washers (part of the bag making). I picked up an inexpensive carving set along with a piece of basswood (not ideal but it worked) from a local art store. I’ve never wood carved before so I’m just winging it and I’ll learn as I go.

inspiration wood carving - jenneng

I’ve yet to oil the finished piece before using it. I just couldn’t wait. I’m happy with how it turned out. Also learned about how the stain penetrates the wood where I’ve over sanded.

It’s not perfect but that’s the beauty in making it myself – the slight imperfections make it mine!

We get better as we keep doing!

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