captured bits + some links

housing works by jenneng

city sidewalk by jenneng

city window by jenneng

central park by jenneng

central park by jenneng

friday snow by jenneng

A New Year!! It’s Friday but I feel like I’ve been on vacation and doing nothing since Christmas but eating and watching movies. Having a cold is a bitch (slowly getting over it now), when your boyfriend is on vacation and you’re sick – that’s a complete bummer!! Sorry B! But life is always just beginning for us isn’t it? Can’t wait to see what’s in store this year!!

Resolutions aren’t my thing. I prefer the idea of reaching for specific goals like completing tasks. I like to cross things off of lists, that action makes me feel more accomplished. Where as if I set out to do something daily, I’d probably fail. I need the flexibility to feel free and not bound to what I “have” to do. Here’s a task I’ve added to my list this week – capture bits of life. I managed a few but hopefully I’ll get into a groove like I’ve used to.

Have a great weekend!! Here are some cool links:
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